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Loot distribution

We are distributing the loot via RCLootCouncil which is fair and considerate towards the raid members as well as trial raiders!

Raiding Time

Wednesday 20-23
Thursday 20-23
Monday 20-23
(Realm Time)


Since we raid 3 days a week, we require consistent attendance from our members. Being able to commit to 85% attendance per month is essential to our raiding structure.

Raid Progress

Our Mythic progress so far!

Emerald Nightmare


Trial of Valor




Tomb of Sargeras


Antorus the Burning Throne



We are a driven and focused Mythic raiding guild.
We strive to be one of the top raiding guilds on the server, while also maintaining a friendly and toxic free atmosphere.

  • WOTLK and Cata

    Before Ancient Tempest

    Our story starts back in WOTLK. We made a guild "Ancient Storm" on Sporeggar-EU, we were a steady guild! During Cataclysm we pushed to be even better than before, we got some realm first kills on bosses like Atramedes (25), Valiona and Theralion (25)! Because the realm was dying off a little, we changed to Outland-EU and managed to clear everything to the last tier(Dragon Soul), after that we stopped playing because we had engagements in real life.

  • November 2017:

    The Boys Are Back in Town

    With the start of Legion we wanted to keep peaceful life in the countryside and play mostly M+. While months moved along our M+ mojo also passed away and we decided once again to gather the boys for another push in the Mythic Raiding. We went onto the trouble to find the missing last member of the initial "Holy Trinity" ... Sumochan! It took us a while to convince him to comeback since he was playing on another server, but the promise of riches and chill raiding was too sweet.

  • Summer 2018:

    The Burning Hot Summer

    If you play Legion you will know what it is like... guilds disbanding, people burning out so they stop playing and go casual instead. Our story was the same for a while, but with a lot of sacrifice and motivation we managed to push forward and continue on with our goal to be one of the top guilds on Silvermoon!

  • End of Legion:

    Everything is going as planned.

    With a lot of good decisions and a lot of hard work, we're managing to stay in a steady place: around 15th to 20th place on Silvermoon guild progress, and we're so close to downing Argus! After that we will start to prepare for Battle of Azeroth to be in the top 10 guilds!

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    Of Our

Our Officers and Veteran Members

Meet the people who run the guild, they're here to help with whatever you need!


Guild Master/Recruiter


Raid Leader

I've been raid leader from WOTLK onwards, I have a lot of years experience yelling at people to do their job (not really, but sometimes!)  I like to push high mythic keys and joke around but when that pull timer is up I put my serious face on and get the job done right.


Senior Officer

If you feel like you have what it takes to be part of our charismatic raiding team, send an application and join us today!